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International students,
Welcome to the official page of Mikrovillus Ry, the biology student’s association at UEF.

Mikrovillus Ry is a community for biology students at Joensuu campus and has been the link between organizations and students since 1973! On this site you can find the latest news from us, upcoming happenings and other useful information (e.g. former exam questions at tenttiarkisto). We welcome our international students to join us, if you have any questions about student life don’t hesitate to ask us on campus or via e-mail/social media!

We highly encourage you to visit Koppi in Natura building for the cheap cup of coffee or tea, and good the best company! At student happenings you can recognize us by our orange-yellow overalls.

Important Links:

Student housing Joensuun Elli:

Emergency housing:


Ordering your student card:

ISYY page:

Information channels:

mailing lists

There’s multiple mailing lists here in UEF. If you want you can join both biology student mailing list and Mikrovillus mailing list (even though some of the messages will be in finnish). The former will inform you of possible Phd positions, job opportunities and such. The latter is the official mailing list of our student association where you can get latest info on our happenings. This information will also be shared in our Facebook group:

You can contact our student council at this email address:

See you soon!/Nähdään pian!